How we recoded our world:

We mattered to our teammates because we listened to them and their fears. We understood why they choose global warming as a project. We learned with them and created a good resource place for people to learn about global warming. Our favorite part was writing the story together. We made new friends!

Our Resources:

Global Warming Kids
Energy Quest
Recycle Game:

Our Game: Save Our Planet



One of the best things we learned was how to work with another student from another country. We don't usually think about global warming. We recycle, and learn about recycling, but we don't really talk about why. Our Canadian friends helped us understand why it is important. Global warming is a bigger concern than we knew.
We will do more to help protect the environment.

A letter from our Canadian teammates:

Dear American Friends,
Thank you for your fun game! We had a lot of fun playing it. We really liked the part where the fire melted the ice. The blocks that litter the world are cool too. We had a lot of fun working with you on our Global Warming project. We hope you learned as much from us as we learned from you.
You friends forever,
Paul and Margaret