During our research, we were shocked to find that according to one article, the United States was ranked 4th in the world's most poverty stricken countries. Mexico was number 1. How could the two countries nearest us be so poor? We felt like we had to do something to try to help. This project was a good start, but we decided that we will be doing more to help. If the United States is supposed to be a place where people come for a better life, we better do something about that 4th place ranking in world poverty!

Our Resources:

Poverty USA
Ways to Solve Poverty
and our most shocking information: World Hunger


We wanted to teach the player of our game how to try to beat poverty. You will learn to rebuild homes, go to school and get an education, and grow food and get clean water for your family. We hope you enjoy playing and learn a lot. Look out for signs with resources.

Stop Poverty Game: MineCraft



We were so sad to read that so many American families go hungry every day. This project helped us realize how much we really do have. It made us appreciate the things we have. It just doesn't seem fair that we live in a community or country where anyone is hungry or poor. We have decided to do more research and find ways to help.
Here is a resource and info glog we made: