We are recoding the heartbeat in Wales, UK by changing the face of bullying and helping our friends in Wales learn about their local resources and also coping skills. Our British friends gave us the Call to Action about Bullying so we are focusing on them. If you are a vicitim of bullying or want resources for your area, you can try
Stop Bullying
Bully Bust
Stop Bullying World
Here are the UK resources we found that we thought gave the best advice:
Advice for Young People About Bullying
Coping Skills
Local Hotline


We created this game in Minecraft for our friends to help them learn about these resources. Our mission is to recode their heartbeats by being friends and showing them that they matter to us!

If you want to play our Minecraft game, download this file into your saves file and have fun!'

Here is Game #2 from Scratch! Color the hearts and share the love but avoid the bully! If the widget doesn't work, try going to this link:

We think that by learning about how bullying is a problem in other places of the world we can be better at dealing with it here at home. Bullies are everywhere. Sometimes it is a good thing to stand up to one. Sometimes you should tell an adult. There are a lot of resources out there to help. What we learned was that we are not alone. It made us feel good to help others. The Voiceless didn't beat us on this mission!

A letter from our friends:
Dear Preston, Ashton, and Fortune,
Your game is fun to play! We learned a lot and enjoyed writing with you. It was fun to see what other people around our world think about bullying. Thank you for sharing your "genius" with us.
Donovan, Charlie, and Kate