Global Warming: Global Solutionsubmitted by Winnipeg, Canada

Imagine the earth as a giant glass building and people are plants. The light and heat from the sun get trapped inside the building. Humans would feel cozy in the winter but what would happen if the warmer seasons became warmer and warmer? The earth is not a building though. It is a planet. But the air around our planet has gases that can act like the glass in the building. This is a good thing but if the air gets hotter too it could be a bad thing. How can we prevent our planet from becoming too hot?

Wales, UK contribution:
Imagine wearing a parka, scarf, and mittens on the warmest day of the year. Imagine sitting in a heated bubble outside in during the hottest part of the day. That is what it would feel like if we don't do some things to stop that from happening.
One way to help is to find better fuel sources. Burning coal is bad for the environment. We need to find cleaner fuels like biofuels.

American contribution:
Deforestation is a big problem. Tree clean our air and give us oxygen. If we are cutting down of trees our air will keep getting dirtier. We need trees because take out carbon dioxide, from the air. The more energy we use the more trees we have to cut down and the more the Earth heats up.

Italian contribution:
Our weather will become unpredictable and more powerful if the air keeps getting warmer. Imagine more rain in storms, bigger and stronger hurricanes, wider and more destructive tornadoes. And what about the glaciers? If they melt the oceans will rise. If they rise coastlines will flood. If they flood people will move more inland. If they move more inland places will become overcrowded. Animals who live on the glaciers could die out. Pests that need warm weather will increase. The chain reaction will be very bad indeed.

We can all help by using less energy like turning off lights and electrical devices. In warmer seasons, use fans more and the air conditioner less. Ride a bicycle or walk to school or work. Help reverse deforestation by planting trees and plants. Recycle and reuse as much as possible to reduce landfills. It is a global problem with a global solution.